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Take Away Noodles

144. South Side Great Potential Asian Restaurant

- This Asian restaurant is located approximately 14km and travel time 14 minutes from Brisbane CBD
- It is close to industrial area and it has a stable amount of customers
- The current weekly sales is about $2,790
- Electricity is $1000 per month the gas is $200 per month
- Rent is $7,500 per month GST and outgoings are inclusive
- The area of the restaurant is 200sqm, capacity is around 60 people, and it can fit about 14 tables inside and about 8 tables outside
- It has great potential to sell different types of food, such as Asian style BBQ, Indian food, Thai food, etc.
- Good amount of parking spaces enough for the restaurant and also friendly street parking
- The owner’s wife is expecting another baby, so he will sincerely consider whoever makes the first offer
Please contact Joe 0435 860 911