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853. Gold Coast Great Busy Location Fully Under Management Cafe $200,000 WIWO

AFW-cafe-photo-150x150The fully under management café shop is situated in a very busy shopping center in Gold Coast

- The owner has been successfully running the lovely café store for three years

- Yearly turn over is around $680,000 GST inclusive

- Selling coffee, breakfast, lunch, sandwich, cake etc.

- cheap rent for the great busy location

- Lease ends in July 2024

- Yearly wages is around $200,000

- Shopping center trading hours

- Yearly net profit $100,000

Selling price $200,000 WIWO

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

851. Gold Coast Cheap Rent Trendy Cafe Price

art-background-beverage-414720The café shop is located beside a main busy road in Gold Coast.

-The owner has been successfully managing the cosy lovely café shop for 2.5 years

-selling: sandwich, hamburger, wrap, coffee, fruit juice, bubble tea, sweets , cold drink

-Selling coffee 8 kg a week

-Yearly net profit around $60,000-$75,000 inclusive two sisters wages, works 48 weeks a year

-Every day sales $500-$700

-Monthly rent $2805 inclusive GST air conditioning and car parking space

-Lease ends 12/2023 plus 5 years option

-The landlord kindly Never increased rent

-Weekly electricity around $80

-No need to hire staff. two owners hand the shop pretty well.

-Trading hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm
Sunday 8am to 2pm
Saturday close

-Equipment such as coffee machine are rent, monthly rent $530

-Monthly phone and internet $70

-Monthly insurance $62

-GP 25%

-Reason for sale: health

-perfect business for 491.

Price POA

Contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection

848. Gold Coast Liquor Licensed Antique Cafe in Trendy Style with Great Potential $500,000 WIWO

cafe shopThe café is located in one of the most prestige areas in Gold Cost

- Antique in trendy style with unique character

- Selling café, tea, drink, alcohol, breakfast, lunch

- Current weekly sales is around $25,000.00

- GP is between 65% -70%, 50kg coffee per week

- Trading hours from 6am to 2pm Monday to Sunday

- weekly rent is around $2200 +GST + outgoing

- 10 years long lease at 3% increase per year

- loyal 9 staff managing the store, the owner is hand free.

- inside of the café shop can take 70 people and outside 50 people

- inside is about 150 square meters and 60 square meters outside

- The business has a great potential by providing dinner at weekend and running function

- fully under management at weekly $3000 net profit at only 8 monthly trading history

- The location and style of the renovation worth million dollars

- Listing price $500,000 WIWO

- Please call Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

854. Successful Under-management Cafe $105,000 + stock

art-background-beverage-414720The owner has been successfully running the business for 9 years. The business can sponsor 482 visa

-Weekly sales is around $4500-$6500/week

-215 square meter size

-6 Staff

-Sells hot and cold beverages, desserts, breakfast, lunch and mains

-It can sponsor 457 visa

-Rent is $6280 including GST, outgoing and water. Lease until 2021 with extension.

-Under Management. Trading hours: 7am-3pm Close for all public holidays and 2 weeks from Christmas day.

-Full commercial kitchen. – Grease trap, exhaust system, fridges, freezers, commercial oven, ice machine, glass display fridges, under counter bars fridges, coffee machine, grinder, 2 deep friers, plus many other utilities.

-Yearly net profit is around $78,000

-The government is supporting small businesses with a Youth boost program and back to work, could have up to $100,000 for staff wage subsidy. 5 staff per business.

-Asking price is $105,000 + Stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

853. Brisbane Cheap Rent Premier location Cafe $189,000 + stock

aroma-aromatic-art-434213The business is located 1km from Brisbane CBD

- 7 years history

- trading hours 6am to 2pm Monday to Sunday

- weekly sales around $13500

- monthly base rent less than $4000

-semi under management

- lease finish 2024

- selling coffee and Aussie Breakfast

- food costs 28%

- yearly net profit around $120,000

- owner only work 15 hours per week

- selling $189,000 plus stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

852. Gold Coast Semi Under-management Healthy Cafe $680,000 + Stock

The business is located in a busy shopping complex in the Gold Coast with a lovely ocean view.

-The owner has been successfully managing the business for longer than 10 years.

- Semi Under Management with 20 casual staff, book keeper pays bills and staff wages.

-Yearly turnover is around $1,500,000

-Yearly base rent is $99,200

-Currently has 7 years lease. Landlord is happy to offer another 5 years option.

-The business brings great profit with a life style, you will have plenty of time to enjoy with your family.

-Non franchise independent coffee shop.

-Serving healthy modern meal options, energy bowls, hot and cold beverages.

-During the peak season weekly wages is around $7,000 and during quiet season weekly wages is around $5,500

-Trading hours is 7 days from 6am-4pm

-Yearly net profit is around $420,000 including owner’s wages of 20 hours.

- The value of the Equipment asset is over than $200,000

-Listing price $680,000 + Stock ($15,000)

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection

823. Great Location Cheap Rent Coco Bliss for Sale $300,000 + Stock

55931152_720670591667851_8299878884812259328_n-The business is situated in a great busy location.

-Unique style of food, focusing on healthy ingredients, vegan and gluten free options with a colorful mix in a fun and trendy environment.

-Easy to learn and simple to manage.

-2018 yearly turn over almost $985,000.00 with a potential to grow.

-Great head office training and support.

-Total franchise and marketing fee is 8% of total sales.

-Well trained staff.

-Super cheap rent with a great lease.

-Yearly net profit is about $165,000.00

-It is a great opportunity for a family business.

-Listing price $300,000 + stock.

Please contact Joe on 0435 860 911 to arrange an inspection.

792. Brisbane Southside Semi Under Management Fish & Chips


The semi under management seafood cafe is located in a busy shopping complex in southside of Brisbane

- The owner had this proud business for 8 years

-Weekly turnover is ~$21,000

- Semi Under Management, easy to learn and manage. Owner works 20 hours a week.

- Trading 7 days 8am to 8:30pm

- Cheap Monthly base rent only $5543.59 + GST+outgoing

- Lease still have 7 years, expire in 2025

- Selling coffee fish chips seafood cake etc

- Food costs is around 33%

- 10 staff

- the center has no refurbishment requirement

- Weekly net profit is ~$5,000 inclusive owners 20 hours wages.

- Selling price $250,000 +stock

please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection


aroma-aromatic-art-434213The owner has been successfully managing the business for 3 months and two years. It is a great busy location in Townsville

- It is fully under management

- Trading hours Monday to Sunday 6am to 3pm

- Selling cafe drink alcohole cafe and simple meals

- 2017 yearly turn over is around $800,000

- Cheap Mondy rent $4000 inclusive GST nil outgong

- Lease ends in 2024, 3% increase per year

- 100 square meters with 45 seats

- yearly net profit around $180,000

- It can sponsor 188 visa

Listing price $360,000+stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection


art-background-beverage-414720Very well known franchised café. Sells hot and cold beverages, breakfast, lunch, dinner and flowers. Liquor licenced. Footpath license under application. 200 car parks. Can fit 300 people. Perfect space for functions and parties. Owner took over business in December 2016.

-Trading: Monday-Sunday 5:30am-5pm. Open for dinner Thursday-Saturday. Closed Christmas.

-Busy: Monday-Friday 8am-11am, 12-2pm. Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-11:00am

-Weekly Trial Sales is around $28,000

-Annual Rent: $81,000 + GST for first year of lease + 3% increase every year on each anniversary of the commencement date

-Lease: 23/12/2016 – 24/12 2026

-Staff: 12 + 2 owners

-Yearly net profit is around $150,000

Listing price: $450,000 + Stock (negotiable)

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection