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838. South – west Brisbane 6 Days Fish Chips $160,000+stock

AFW fishchips4The fish chips shop is located in a shopping complex in South – West Brisbane, around by woolworths domino, bottle shop, newsagent, subway, restaurant, café shops etc

- 2018 to 2019 yearly turn over is $586908 +GST

- Selling fish chips, hamburger, cold drink, seafood basket

- trading hours Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm, Monday close.

- Monthly base rent is $4879.91 +GST +outgoing $847.28

- Monthly electricity around $773.58 GST inclusive

- Monthly Gas around $746.41

- Food costs around 33%

- 2018 -2019 yearly net profit is close to $130,000 inclusive one owner’s wage

- selling price $160,000+stock

- Owner will consider all genuine offer.

please contact Alice on 0432 843 715

856. Gold Coast Well -Established Carvery for Sale $390,000 +stock

blur-close-up-dinner-161533The business is located in a fast growing area in Gold Coast

- The owner has been successfully managing the store for 10 years

- Currently just refurbished, look like brand now store, neat, trendy and tidy

-weekly trial sales is around $25,000 inclusive GST

- Trading hours Monday to Saturday 9am to 8:30pm: Sunday 9am to 8pm

- Selling roast meats, dinners, family foods, salads, burgers, wraps, chips and drinks

- No competition in the complex, still has great potential, no Asian restaurant in this complex, can add fish, Asian fry etc

- The owner currently work around 50 hours per week, the sales is very steady when the owner is on holiday , can be converted to fully – under management store

- Yearly net profit is between $230,000 – $250,000

Listing price $390,000 +stock, please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection


AFW-convienience-store AFW fishchips4

The business is located in a rural area about 1 hour drive from Brisbane CBD.

-Previous weekly sales were $26,000, current weekly sales are around $9,000 as the previous owner lack of experience. After change of ownership, the sales are growing every week.

-Trading 7 days.

-Selling fish and chips, burgers, snacks, ice-cream, hot and cold beverages, groceries, technical accessories (chargers) and ATM service.

-The current take-away section is around 30% of the sales.

-Weekly rent is only $600 + GST.

-Landlord will offer a long lease. With a 3% increase per year.

-It has a great potential. It can sponsor a business migration VISA.

-Only selling for $120,000 + Stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

849. South Side 6 Day Fish & Chips $170,000 + Stock

AFW fishchips4The business is located on the south side of Brisbane.

-Trading 6 days. Tuesday-Sunday 11am-8pm. Monday closed.
-Selling fish and chips, burgers, snacks, beverages.
-Weekly sales is ~$13,000
-Monthly base rent is $2,783.31 + GST + monthly outgoing $727.37
-Lease expires on 11 August 2026 + 5 years option.
-Weekly net profit is around $3,000 inclusive one owners wages.
-Selling for $170,000 + Stock.

Contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

846. Brisbane South Side Cheap Rent High Profit Fish Chips for Sale $149,000 +Sav

appetizer-chicken-cuisine-1123250The owner has been successfully running the business for 4 years

- the business is located in a commercial complex in south side of shopping center, business is very stable, guranted profitable

-Trading hours Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 8pm; Sunday 12noon to 7:30pm

- selling fish chips, hamburg, snacks, drink

-Weekly trial $8000-5%

-Weekly rent $550

-Lease ends 2021 plus 3 years option CPI increase , can renew

-Staff 8 , age 16-17, weekly wages $1500

-2018 yearly net profit around $120,000 inclusive one owner 30 hours a week wages , Owner not working Saturday and Sunday

-Selling $149,000 plus stock

Please call Alice 0432 843 715 for inspection

838. Inner City Brisbane Sushi, Fish & Chips Cheap Rent Take-Away $105,000 + Stock

AFW fishchips4The business is located in an inner city, small commercial complex on a main road.
- Trading 7 days. 11:00am-9:00pm.
- Recently renovated 3 months ago.
- Perfect location nestled between two popular businesses such as an ice cream shop and Indian restaurant which they have been there for more than 15 years.
- Lots of extra car parks available at all time.
- Size is 67m2.
- Monthly turnover is around $25,000-$30,000.
- Monthly rent is currently $5,085 + GST, including all outgoing ($110-$120/month).
- Although will reduce to $3,950 + GST per month in November.
- Lease expires 11/2019 + 5 years option.
- 1 staff + 2 owners.
- Gross Sales are around $5,700-$6,000 per week.
- Net Income is around $1,700-$2,000 per week. Inclusive owners wages.
- The previous business only sold fish and chips, after adding Japanese food the sales decreased.

Selling for $105,000
Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

792. Brisbane Southside Semi Under Management Fish & Chips


The semi under management seafood cafe is located in a busy shopping complex in southside of Brisbane

- The owner had this proud business for 8 years

-Weekly turnover is ~$21,000

- Semi Under Management, easy to learn and manage. Owner works 20 hours a week.

- Trading 7 days 8am to 8:30pm

- Cheap Monthly base rent only $5543.59 + GST+outgoing

- Lease still have 7 years, expire in 2025

- Selling coffee fish chips seafood cake etc

- Food costs is around 33%

- 10 staff

- the center has no refurbishment requirement

- Weekly net profit is ~$5,000 inclusive owners 20 hours wages.

- Selling price $250,000 +stock

please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

724. No Competition Brisbane South Fish Chips for Sale $130,000+Stock

AFW fishchips4The business is located in south side of Brisbane

- There is no competition

- The owner successfully managing the business for 3 year

- Trading for 6 days, Tuesday to Sunday 10:30am to 8pm. Monday Closed.

- Cheap rent only $3900 per month inclusive GST

- Weekly trial sales is $8000+

-Selling fish chips, wrap, drink

- Food costs 40%

-Yearly net profit around $150,000 inclusive one owner’s wage

-Listing price for $130,000 +stock

Please call Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

698 High Profit Fish Chips Seafood Restaurant with Liquor License $1,000,000+stock

AFW fishchips4coffee shop 3The business is situated at a great location

- only few KM from Brisbane CBD

- Great environment with well equipped kitchen

- Trial weekly sales $40000

- Trading 7 days from 11:30 am to 8 pm

- Cheap yearly rent $120,000 with long lease of 20 years

- Selling fish chips salad seafood coffee drink alcohol

- Liquor license is provided

- Full free training is provided with owner stay if you require

- Trading breakfast will be a great potential to increase profit

- after owner’s wage the yearly net profit is around $400,000

- the business will start service breakfast in August, it will increase total turn over.

Listing price $1,000,000 +stock

Please contact Alice 0432843715

485. Brisbane South Suburb Good Location Fish & Chips $55,000

AFW fishchips4This business located at a good spot in Brisbane South suburb

- Selling fish and chips, burger, snack and drink

- Weekly turnover is about $5,000 – 6,000

- Buyer can add on different types of food

- Reasonable rental price with long lease period

- Great potential

- Monthly rent is about $4528.53 + Outgoing and GST

- Low food cost

- Weekly net profit is about $2,000 including one owner’s wage

- Great opportunity for new buyers

Listing price $55,000

Please contact Joe on 0435868911