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813. North Brisbane Asian Restaurant For Sale $200,000 + Stock

chinese rstaurant 2The business in located in the north side of Brisbane around 15 mins from CBD.

-The restaurant has only 6 months history. Lots of potential to grow.

-selling noodle, drink,  fried chicken, stir fry rice, soup, salad and entrees.

-Weekly net profit is around $2,500 inclusive the owners wage.

-Trading hours 7 days. 11am-8pm.

-Cheap rent. Monthly rent is $5,454.16 + outgoing.

-Lease expires in 2025.

-Good opportunity for first time buyers.

-Selling price $200,000 + Stock.

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.

803. Long History Good Profit Busy Chinese Restaurant on the Gold Coast $350,000 + Stock

Chinese food-Total History of the business is 20 years

-Located in a busy location on the Gold Coast.

-Trading hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm.

-Yearly turn over: around $1.35 Million

-School holiday and public holiday is very busy. Sales on the week of the Chinese National Day is around$28,000; Christmas Day sales is above $10,000; Chinese New Year weekly sales is above $40,000; the week of Easter Day is around $35,000.

-Food Costs: around 30%

-Staff: 7 waitresses, 3 chefs, 2 dish washers, 2 owners.

-Total size :around 280 square meters. Two shops integrated into one shop.

-Yearly rent: $204175.08 inclusive GST.

-One shop lease ends in 2022. Another shop lease ends in 2019. Landlord will extend lease.

-Yearly net profit is $250,000 plus

-Listing price: $350,000 plus stock

Please call Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection.


almonds-berries-blackberries-1099680The business is located in a busy shopping complex in the Gold Coast with lovely ocean view

-The owner has been successfully managing the business for longer than 10 years

- Fully Under Management with 20 casual staff,  book keeper pay bills and staff wages

-Yearly turnover is about $1,360,000

-Yearly base rent is $99,200

-Currently has 7 years lease. Landlord is happy to offer another 5 years option.

-The business bring great profit with life style, you will have plenty time enjoy with your family

- Loyalty fee only 5% no marketing fee

-Serving healthy modern meal options, energy bowls, hot and cold beverages

-During the peak season weekly wages is around $7,000 and during quiet season weekly wages is around $5,500

-Trading hours is 7 days from 6am-4pm

-Yearly adjusted net profit is around $330,000

- The value of the Equipment asset is over than $200,000

-Listing price $650,000 + Stock (Negotiable)

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection

780. BRISBANE CLASSIC BAR & CAFE $460,000 + Stock

alcoholic-beverages-bar-beverage-605408The business is located in one of the prestiage location in Brisbane, a great environment for gathering parties and celebration

- Trading hours Monday to Friday from 11am till late

- The owner spent almost $400,000 buiding this business, high class, classcy with its caracter and culture

- Current weekly turn over around $20,000

- Monthly rent $7800 +GST inclusive outgoing

- Size 135 square meters

- Lease expire 3/2023 + 5 years option

- Selling all kinds of alcohole, drinks cafe and simple meals

- It has great potential

- Current weekly net profit around $5500

- Listing price $460,000 +stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

778. Gold Coast Modern Bar & Restaurant $250,000+stock

AFW Professional Business Brokers.docxThe modern Bar & restaurant located in a busy center in Gold Coast in a luxury, relaxed environment

- The owner has been successfully managing the restaurant longer than 10 years

-It can be converted into an Indian or Asian Restaurant as the location and potential in this hot area for tourists

- Trading for 7 days, from 7am to 10pm, liquor license can trade till 1am

- The restaurant is one of the most busiest restaurant in surfers paradise.

- yearly turn over is around $1.4 Million

- yearly rent is around $159,000

- Lease expire in 2022 plus 5 years option with 3% increase per year

- Provides breakfast lunch and dinner, services includes catering, takeaway, table service, bookings, group or parties booking, indoor outdoor seating.

- Selling modern cuisine with alcohol

- Food costs around 30% and staff wages around 29%

- Yearly net profit is around $250,000 inclusive one owner’s wage

- Listing price $250,000 +stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection.



Chinese food-The property is located in one of the major mining towns in the Northern Queensland region

-Great location and convenient transportation with daily flights to and from Brisbane

-Big shopping centre, private/public school and a university in the town

-The freehold property includes 2 bedrooms, one restaurant and one coffee shop

-The restaurant on the property is the only establishment that provides take-away, dine in and liquor licensed Chinese cuisine in town

-The Chinese restaurant size is around 230sqm including kitchen and toilet. Can seat 90 people

-Weekly sales around $13,000

-It has lots of parking

-Coffee shop size is around 70sqm can seat 50 people and is also liquor licensed

-Property selling price is $950,000

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection


698 High Profit Fish Chips Seafood Restaurant with Liquor License $1,000,000+stock

AFW fishchips4coffee shop 3The business is situated at a great location

- only few KM from Brisbane CBD

- Great environment with well equipped kitchen

- Trial weekly sales $40000

- Trading 7 days from 11:30 am to 8 pm

- Cheap yearly rent $120,000 with long lease of 20 years

- Selling fish chips salad seafood coffee drink alcohol

- Liquor license is provided

- Full free training is provided with owner stay if you require

- Trading breakfast will be a great potential to increase profit

- after owner’s wage the yearly net profit is around $400,000

- the business will start service breakfast in August, it will increase total turn over.

Listing price $1,000,000 +stock

Please contact Alice 0432843715

675. Brisbane Inner City Unique Japanese Restaurant $POA

beerThis business is located in great location in Brisbane Inner City area
- Only 4 km to Brisbane CBD
- Weekly takings : $7800
- Newly set up trendy Japanese Restaurant
- 7 days trading, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm ; 5 pm to 9 pm
- Size of  the shop 100 square meters with 10 years lease
- Liquor license provided
- Fully Under Management by staff
- Great Potential
Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for more information

634. Brisbane Inner City Trendy Franchise cafe $450,000+stock

soldThe trendy franchise cafe is located in a great location in Brisbane inner city

- The owner has been successfully managing the cafe for almost three years

iStock_coffee_Large- Trading 7 days from 5:45 am to 9 pm

- Cheap yearly rent of $78,000 + GST, there is no outgoing charges

- Lease will be expire around 2019 with 5 years option

- High turn over is around $34,000 a week

- Great marketing strategy with limited franchise fee

- Selling cafe , drink, simple meals , dessert etc

- Yearly net profit is around $150,000 with semi management

- Listing  price $450,000 +stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for details

625.Under Management 5 Day Industrial Take Away $180000

images (2)The business is located about 45 min drive from South Side of Brisbane


- Trading 5 days only


- The current owner has been sussufully managing for 5 years


- Weekly turn over is $15000+


- Selling hamburg sandwich chips snacks drinks also deliver car service


- Cheap rent monthly rent is less than $2000


- The landlord will offer new lease for a suitable candidate


- Yearly net profit is around $130000


- Fully under management by staff


- Listing price $180000 +Stock inclusive four food delivery car


- Please contact Alice 0432843715 for inspection