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824. Sunshine Coast Rural Area Indian Restaurant $45000 plus stock

IMG_1215The Indian Restaurant is located in rural area in Sunshine Coast

- trading 6 nights only from 3:30pm to 8:30pm

-about one hour drive from Brisbane

- weekly turn over is around $5500

-cheap monthly rent $2900 plus GST

- lease ends in 2025

- approved 482 visa, the business still be able to sponsor rural visa

only selling for 45,000 plus stock

Please call Joe on 0435 860 911 to arrange an inspection.

803. Long History Good Profit Busy Chinese Restaurant on the Gold Coast $350,000 + Stock

Chinese food-Total History of the business is 20 years

-Located in a busy location on the Gold Coast.

-Trading hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm.

-Yearly turn over: around $1.35 Million

-School holiday and public holiday is very busy. Sales on the week of the Chinese National Day is around$28,000; Christmas Day sales is above $10,000; Chinese New Year weekly sales is above $40,000; the week of Easter Day is around $35,000.

-Food Costs: around 30%

-Staff: 7 waitresses, 3 chefs, 2 dish washers, 2 owners.

-Total size :around 280 square meters. Two shops integrated into one shop.

-Yearly rent: $204175.08 inclusive GST.

-One shop lease ends in 2022. Another shop lease ends in 2019. Landlord will extend lease.

-Yearly net profit is $250,000 plus

-Listing price: $350,000 plus stock

Please call Joe on 0435 860 911 to arrange an inspection.

780. BRISBANE CLASSIC BAR & CAFE $460,000 + Stock

alcoholic-beverages-bar-beverage-605408The business is located in one of the prestiage location in Brisbane, a great environment for gathering parties and celebration

- Trading hours Monday to Friday from 11am till late

- The owner spent almost $400,000 buiding this business, high class, classcy with its caracter and culture

- Current weekly turn over around $20,000

- Monthly rent $7800 +GST inclusive outgoing

- Size 135 square meters

- Lease expire 3/2023 + 5 years option

- Selling all kinds of alcohole, drinks cafe and simple meals

- It has great potential

- Current weekly net profit around $5500

- Listing price $460,000 +stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for inspection

778. Gold Coast Modern Bar & Restaurant $250,000+stock

AFW Professional Business Brokers.docxThe modern Bar & restaurant located in a busy center in Gold Coast in a luxury, relaxed environment

- The owner has been successfully managing the restaurant longer than 10 years

-It can be converted into an Indian or Asian Restaurant as the location and potential in this hot area for tourists

- Trading for 7 days, from 7am to 10pm, liquor license can trade till 1am

- The restaurant is one of the most busiest restaurant in surfers paradise.

- yearly turn over is around $1.4 Million

- yearly rent is around $159,000

- Lease expire in 2022 plus 5 years option with 3% increase per year

- Provides breakfast lunch and dinner, services includes catering, takeaway, table service, bookings, group or parties booking, indoor outdoor seating.

- Selling modern cuisine with alcohol

- Food costs around 30% and staff wages around 29%

- Yearly net profit is around $250,000 inclusive one owner’s wage

- Listing price $250,000 +stock

Please contact Joe on 0435 860 911 for inspection.


769. GREAT Profit Chinese Restaurant IN MAJOR MINING TOWN NORTH QLD $190,000 plus stock Negotiable

Chinese food-The property is located in one of the major mining towns in the Northern Queensland region

-Great location and convenient transportation with daily flights to and from Brisbane

-Big shopping centre, private/public school and a university in the town

-The freehold property includes 2 bedrooms, one restaurant and one coffee shop

-The restaurant on the property is the only establishment that provides take-away, dine in and liquor licensed Chinese cuisine in town

-The Chinese restaurant size is around 230sqm including kitchen and toilet. Can seat 90 people

-Weekly sales around $13,000

- trading 7 days Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 9pm

- yearly wages is around $18120

- sign 5 years fixed lease with no rental increase

- monthly rent $6000 + GST + outgoing

- yearly net profit is around $158,800 inclusive one owner ‘s wage

-It has lots of parking

-Coffee shop size is around 70sqm can seat 50 people and is also liquor licensed

-Listing price is $190,000 + stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection

698 High Profit Fish Chips Seafood Restaurant with Liquor License $1,000,000+stock

AFW fishchips4coffee shop 3The business is situated at a great location

- only few KM from Brisbane CBD

- Great environment with well equipped kitchen

- Trial weekly sales $40000

- Trading 7 days from 11:30 am to 8 pm

- Cheap yearly rent $120,000 with long lease of 20 years

- Selling fish chips salad seafood coffee drink alcohol

- Liquor license is provided

- Full free training is provided with owner stay if you require

- Trading breakfast will be a great potential to increase profit

- after owner’s wage the yearly net profit is around $400,000

- the business will start service breakfast in August, it will increase total turn over.

Listing price $1,000,000 +stock

Please contact Alice 0432843715

675. Brisbane Inner City Unique Japanese Restaurant $POA

beerThis business is located in great location in Brisbane Inner City area
- Only 4 km to Brisbane CBD
- Weekly takings : $7800
- Newly set up trendy Japanese Restaurant
- 7 days trading, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm ; 5 pm to 9 pm
- Size of  the shop 100 square meters with 10 years lease
- Liquor license provided
- Fully Under Management by staff
- Great Potential
Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for more information

634. Brisbane Inner City Trendy Franchise cafe $450,000+stock

soldThe trendy franchise cafe is located in a great location in Brisbane inner city

- The owner has been successfully managing the cafe for almost three years

iStock_coffee_Large- Trading 7 days from 5:45 am to 9 pm

- Cheap yearly rent of $78,000 + GST, there is no outgoing charges

- Lease will be expire around 2019 with 5 years option

- High turn over is around $34,000 a week

- Great marketing strategy with limited franchise fee

- Selling cafe , drink, simple meals , dessert etc

- Yearly net profit is around $150,000 with semi management

- Listing  price $450,000 +stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for details

625.Under Management 5 Day Industrial Take Away $180000

images (2)The business is located about 45 min drive from South Side of Brisbane


- Trading 5 days only


- The current owner has been sussufully managing for 5 years


- Weekly turn over is $15000+


- Selling hamburg sandwich chips snacks drinks also deliver car service


- Cheap rent monthly rent is less than $2000


- The landlord will offer new lease for a suitable candidate


- Yearly net profit is around $130000


- Fully under management by staff


- Listing price $180000 +Stock inclusive four food delivery car


- Please contact Alice 0432843715 for inspection


612.Gold Coast Landmark Business for Sale $550,000 + Stock

beerThe business has been successfully operating at great spot in Surfers Paradise since 1975. The current owner has running the business for enjoyable 13 years. The business has strong regular and loyal Customer base enjoy genuinely relaxing environment, with great potential attract both locals and overseas visitors.
-Yearly turnover is around 1.8millions to 1.9millions;

-Fully managed by staff. The business has great potential, attractive for both local people and visitors.

-Operational Hours: Open 7 days, Lunch from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, Dinner from 5:30 pm.

-All the staff is on casual.

-Liquor license.

- Listing price $550,000+stock

For more details ,please contact