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788. Sunshine Coast Fully Under Management Cheap Rent Tobacco $440,000+stock

AFWtobacoo2-It is located in a shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast

-Centre trading hours 7 days, Monday to Sunday 7am to 7pm

-current Weekly sales  is around $68,000

-Fully under management by 2 staff managing the store

-Cheap rent and good lease; monthly rent only $3059.27 inclusive GST. Lease expires 10/10/2023

-Current Yearly adjusted net profit is around $270,000sold +, the business started in 2015, the profit double every year, there is still room for growing

-It can sponsor 188 visa

-Listing price $440,000 + Stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715

749. Fully Under Management TOBACCO IN North Queensland $370,000 +Stock

AFWtobacoo2The  successful fully under management tobacco business is located in North Queensland.

Weekly  Sales is around $70,000

Monthly: Base Rent is less than $3000 per month

Lease: Ends 2022

Trading: 7 days

in a Shopping center

Fully Under management

Weekly net profit is around $4,000

Listing price $370,000 + Stock

Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 to arrange an inspection

716 Gold Coast Semi Management Tobacco Shop for Sale $285,000+stock

soldThe business is located in a commercial complex in Gold Coast

- Trading 7 days Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm; Saturday 8am to 6pm; Sunday 8am to 5pm

- Tria weekly turn over is around $37,000

- Cheap rent only $1567.45 a month

- Long lease

- selling cigaret, drink, pipe etc

-semi- under management

- Easy to learn and manage

- Headoffice updating price and suppliers delivery to door

- Current weekly net profit is around $2000+

- It is a great opportunity for the first time buyer

- Listing price $285,000+stock

Please call Joe on 0435 860 911 for details