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665. Export Winery and Vineyard on 30 Acres $4.2M

wine yardThis winery has 20 years history of full container wine exports to Asian. Established 32 years this winery has won international and national Gold medals from on site vineyards.
Assets include:

– The land on which winery is located comprises 2 titles 4 hectare and 13 hectare

– Winery Building , adjoining cold rooms and workshop, occupying 450 square meters . Winery has Mezzanine offices and reserve tasting rooms and Mezzanine Storage.

Winery processes 100-200 T/ Season , (10-20 full containers per season) easily expanded.
Bottling capacity is 100 full containers per year.

– Vineyards .

– Plant and equipment

– Wine Stock at wholesale value

The business has 20 years exporting history and expertise to Asian countries, positioned to expand exports rapidly with expanding Asian market

Intellectual Asset for new owner:

– The current owners are willing to stay as a specialist adviser to sharing their viticulture and wine-making experience.

Listing price $4.2M Please contact Alice on 0432 843 715 for details